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Compassion for Education Scholarships for Grade 10 Completers

In these trying times of the pandemic, NCF extends its solidarity with Gr. 10 completers from the public schools and the NCF junior high school completers with ESC, through its Compassion for Education Special Scholarships. NCF is offering 100% free tuition and miscellaneous fees for two consecutive years, i.e., Grs. 11 and 12, to said students who are enrolling in the Gr. 11 General Education Strand and Sports Track, who have good scholastic standing , have not been involved in any form of disciplinary action, with working parents/benefactor, and are willing to continue their education in any of the NCF tertiary courses

With Compassion for Education Special Scholarships, the NCF Basic Education Department continues St. John Baptist de la Salle’s legacy, as well as Dr. Melchor Villanueva’s legacy, of providing quality and affordable education to the poor.

Compassion for Education Guidelines


  • S/Y 2020-2021 Public School Grade 10 completers who want to take General Academic Strand (GAS) and Sports Track for their Senior High School and qualified to the government Senior High School voucher program.

  • S/Y 2020-2021 Naga College Foundation Grade 10 completers with ESC who want to take General Academic Strand (GAS) and Sports Track for their Senior High School and completed their Junior High School at Naga College Foundation (Grade 7 to Grade 10)

Scope and Terms of Scholarship:

  • 100% Free Tuition and Miscellaneous fees for two (2) consecutive years (Grade 11 and Grade 12)

  • With good scholastic standing (with General Average of not less than 85%)

  • With working parents/ or benefactor

  • Willing to continue their college education in NCF and take a course among its program offerings

How to Apply?

Register to Compassion for Education scholarship by clicking the link below:
Compassion for Education Application Form

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