naga college foundation ncf scholarships


  1. Honor Scholarships
  2. Granted to graduates of Senior High School who excel in academics. For rank 3 to 10 of the graduating class for 1 semester only, after which, students may continue to enjoy the Resident Scholarship provided they maintain the required general weighted average.

  3. Resident Scholarships
  4. Granted to a student in college levels carrying a regular load of not less than the required number of unit during his/her last semester/school year of enrollment, and who obtained the prescribed good academic standing under the required scale of general weighted average.

  5. Villanueva Scholarship (Old)
  6. This is granted to students who won in academic, cultural and arts competitions in the Division, Regional or National Level representing NCf.

  7. Villanueva Scholarships A (New)
  8. Full Tuition and Miscellaneous Scholarship (4-5 years) automatically granted to students who graduated Valedictorian and Salutatorian from Senior High School and will take courses with board exams provided they maintain the required general weighted average.

  9. Villanueva Scholarships B (New)
  10. Full Tuition Scholarship (4-5 years) for Rank 3-10 Senior High School graduates, if they obtain the required exceptionally high IQ result from the college entrance examination and if they enroll in courses with board exams and maintain the required general weighted average.


  1. Employee Beneficiary Discount (ETFD)
  2. This is granted to children, spouses and protégées of NCF full-time faculty members and employees.

  3. Family Discount
  4. Given to students with siblings and parents enrolled in the same semester/school year (discount will be availed by the youngest sibling/family member or by the one with the least TFs): 10% tuition discount for the 2nd sibling; 30% tuition discount for the 3rd sibling; 50% tuition discount for the 4th and other siblings.

  5. Alumni Discount
  6. Maximum of 50% tuition fee discount for NCF alumni, 20% tuition discount for their spouses and children and 10% tuition discount for their siblings.

  7. Barangay Official Discount (RA7160)
  8. tuition discount given to incumbent elected barangay officials and their legitimate dependent children.

  9. Teacher’s Discount
  10. 20% tuition discount for all teachers who are currently teaching and will enroll in any Masteral and Doctoral courses of NCF.

  11. NCF-Law Enforcement Discount
  12. 20% tuition discount given to active and retired members of PNP, BJMP and other Law Enforcement Agencies and their children. Exclusively for students who will take B.S. Criminology, ETEEAP and M.S. Criminilogy.

  13. NCF-9th Infantry Division Discount
  14. Granted to the 9th Infantry Division Military Servicemen/Servicewomen and their qualified dependents. 50% tuition fee discount to qualified dependents of KIA Military personnel; 30% tuition discount to Military personnel, their spouses and children; and 20% tuition discount to their siblings.

    Note: Students can avail only one Scholarship/Discount given by NCF; in cases of multiple scholarships/discounts, the student can avail whichever is higher. For more information, please visit the Scholarship Office.


  1. Performing Arts Discount
  2. Granted to students who excel in signing or dancing, and become members of the NCF Performing Arts Group.

  3. The Naga Collegian (TNC) Scholarship
  4. Maximum of 40% tuition discount and honoraria for students who are members of the Editorial Board of the official college publication.


The Naga College Foundation also accepts scholars/grantees of various government units such as those of:

  1. The Barangays of LGU-Naga
  2. The City Government of Naga
  3. The Municipalities of Camarines Sur
  4. The Province of Camarines Sur
  5. CHED-Full Scholarship Program
  8. CHED-Tulong Dunong
  9. SM Foundation
  10. Jollibee Foods Corporation SEEDS Program
  11. Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO)
  12. Government Service Insurance System (GSIS)