flex50 flexible learning

Flex50 - Flexible Learning Modality

Flex50 is NCF’s strategy of delivering instruction in the New Normal brought about by the COVID-19 Pandemic. It is a blended or flexible type of teaching-learning which combines modular and e-learning.

Modular learning will be the traditional manner of delivering instruction thru programmed lessons called modules. A model-module has been designed and approved by the Academic Council. It contains the following components: Title, Introduction, Learning Outcomes, Content Discussion and Learning Activity/ies, Self-Assessment Questions, Additional Resources, Assignment, References and Summative Assessment. The teacher-made modules are scheduled to be delivered and distributed per Municipality within the Bicol Region and thru courier for coastal and outside the region places like Masbate, Catanduanes, Manila, Quezon and others. Retrieval will also be scheduled by Municipality.

E-learning, on the other hand, is the type of learning not limited by time and space. This means that teacher and students may not be at the same location in order for teaching to be delivered or for learning to take place. Its foundation are technology and internet connection that enable communication, collaboration, teaching and learning, among other things to take place. Like face-to-face learning, e-learning will still use teaching materials, books, assessment and other classroom-like activities with the only difference of employing Authorware or software or application that will help the teachers in its preparation and will make it e-worthy.

E-learning is said to be sychronous when both teacher and students are online for the discussion and learning experience to take place. Usually this type uses applications, such as video conferencing like zoom, MS Teams and Google Meet. Teaching-learning electronically may also happen even though the teacher and students are not online all at the same time. This type is known as asynchronous. NCF will use Google Suite as its Learning Management partner. This automatically makes Google Classroom as our virtual classroom and Google Meet as our conference or meeting application.