August 29, 2019

CTED Hits Remarkable Enrollment

Four years ago, a steady decline in the enrolment was felt due to the implementation of K- 12. Thanks to a few lifelong learners who continued their studies. They were able to enroll without taking two more additional years in Senior High School.

Academic year 2018-2019 signaled the dawn of a better enrolment. A sizeable number of students from the 1st batch of Senior High School graduates proceeded to college. Four hundred eight students dreaming to be a teacher enrolled in the first year. The NCF College of Teacher Education based on the survey has continuously maintained its lead in the enrolment over other private Teacher Education Institutions in Camarines Sur. The college has surpassed by 30% the previous enrolment this school year, a new record for CTED to maintain.

Teacher Certificate Program (TCP) a special program for non-education graduates is also doing well in terms of enrolment. As of this semester, the program has more than a hundred enrollees which have immensely contributed to the school’s revenue.

August 29, 2019

CTED Beats National Passing Percentage

The entire family of the College of Teacher Education was in a euphoric state when Ms. Marischelle D. Callora bagged the 10th Place in the September 2015 Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) Elementary Level. The two academic programs of the college had both garnered a passing percentage way beyond the national passing percentage.

The national passing percentage of the Bachelor of Elementary Education during that year was 31.36% while Bachelor of Secondary Education was 41.75%. Naga College Foundation on the other hand had obtained an immensely high passing percentage of 80% for both BSED & BEED surpassing the national passing percentage by at most a hundred percent. In the succeeding years, the college has maintained its steady climb by surpassing the national passing percentage by almost a hundred percent for first takers especially now that the college has outsourced its review class from a reputable review center.

The College of Teacher Education is elated by the high results of the LET every year because it is a testimony of the department’s dedication and commitment in its quest for quality & excellence. This recent victory of the college also speaks about the continuous support of the administration to the department’s vision of putting NCF to where it was before, the FOREMOST Teacher Education Institution in Camarines Sur.