Last Updated: August 24, 2019

The College of Teacher Education

Profile of the Teacher Education

The College of Teacher Education (CTED) is one of the programs offered in Naga College Foundation, Naga City. Under the department are three licensure degrees such as: Bachelor of Physical Education, Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED), Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED) majors in Science, Social Studies, Math, English and Filipino.

Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED), has its specific objectives and purposes. It started its operation in 1952 and was given recognition by the Department of Education on July 1, 1951.

Since then the Bachelor of Elementary Education program responds to the needs of an individual for knowledge, skills and values. The college focuses into several improvements, refinements, realignments and adjustments towards high standards to make the program more efficient and effective in its service delivery. Everyone in the college becomes more involved and empowered. Leading to, on active involvement with the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA).

The CTED faculty and staff started to gather the necessary documents for both BSED and BEED to be able to qualify for accreditation. In September 2010 BEED program was granted Level I Accredited Status. Still with much enthusiasm to carry on, the same program upon compliance with the recommendations by the accrediting agency was granted Level II in December 2011.

With much spirit to go beyond the minimum and to demonstrate its commitment to excellence after having extensively complied with the succeeding recommendations, BEED applied for Level II 1st Reaccreditation in September, 2013. Luckily in that Level II visit no rating below four (4) was given to BEED ten (10) key areas of operation thus, branding it as “clean accreditation” allowing the program to immediately apply for Level III status.

Inspired by the “clean accreditation” award CTED faculty and staff as well as the administrators did not stop until the BEED program was awarded for certification to the Federation of Accrediting agencies of the Philippines as a Level III Reaccredited status from May 2014- May 2016. The same program was again awarded Level III First Reaccredited status from March 2016-March 2021.

Realizing the recognition accreditation has provided and for the BSED program to be on equal footing with the BEED program, the former was submitted for consultancy visit on October 8-9, 2013. With much inspiration to carry on, the same program underwent its Level I visit on September 2017 which was awarded on June 2018-December 2020.

Currently, the College of Teacher Education with profound aspiration to be at par with other accredited institutions in the country continuously work very hard for the two programs next level of accreditation.


The Teacher Education Department is highly committed to develop God-loving, value-laden, lifelong learners who are globally competent, and ethically efficient, truthful & responsive to the needs of the time.