A Motion Flex Message Conveyer for Hemiplegic Patients

Researchers: Kim Clark O. Balmes and Dennis P. Marjalino
Adviser: Engr. Hobert B. Ubalde, MET
Year: 2017


This study is called Flex Message Conveyer (A Motion Flex Message Conveyer for Hemiplegic Patients). Its directional movements are controlled by three fingers which are the index, middle, and ring finger that generate hand gestures to sends message thru flex sensor. The RF module function is to transmit the flex sensor’s data wirelessly at the receiver. The RF decodes the data and gives it to the Arduino microcontroller. When the Arduino microcontroller receives the proper data, it triggers the buzzer and displays the data on the LCD, also it will send message via SMS using the GSM module which is able to interface the SMS data into the Arduino microcontroller. SMS is the medium for receiving commands from the transmitter.

Automated Display Board for NCF College of Engineering using Bluetooth and Android-Based Applications

Researchers: Roslyn B. Paligar and Cecille B. Roja
Adviser: Engr. Karl Simon S. Chua
Year: 2019


In the day to day life, smartphone is gaining a wide range of importance in its usage and portability. This project was based on the development of simple and low cost Android based wireless notice board which is easy to use. Instead of manually changing the notices through posting the announcements on the board, this system proposes an approach of displaying the notices by accepting the input commands from the user and displays it wirelessly. In present scenario the researchers create this system for the College of Engineering for the faster and reliable way of disseminating information or announcement to the students, through was the Automated Display Board. This study focuses on displaying announcement on the LCD board with android application.

The researchers also added feature in this study, the buzzer will beep or alarm whenever an incoming message from the Dean or the officers of the College of Engineering will be posted.

This gadget is consists of Bluetooth device that can be connected to the phone and can post announcement on it by the used of Hedwig, an application that was created to compose messages and store data from students or persons who want to send messages. This gadget will ring if a certain message was received. The researchers also added features to this study where in announcements will not only be posted on the LCD board but also, directly sent to the students with the use of the Android application.