September 28, 2019/ Published by:NCF-College of Criminal Justice Education

5th National Criminology Students Congress

The 5 th National Criminology Students Congress with the theme “Our Criminology course today… Our Criminology Profession tomorrow” hosted by Naga College Foundation, Inc. on September 27-29, 2018. It was participated by 37 Criminology Schools all over the Philippines. It was a three-day event with Academic and Karatedo competitions. Also, the search for Ambassadress of Criminology 2018 was made successful. It proves that Criminology students are truly excellent in academics, sports Olympics, and beauty pageants. That Criminology students have beauty and brains.

It was indeed an achievement for the NCF community, most especially to the Criminology department for hosting a National event for the academic year 2018-2019, knowing that the institution also hosted the 17 th Regional Inter-Criminology Academic and Skills Olympics in 2017.

The activity was made smoothly to compete for the participants with the strong commands and leadership of the College Dean of NCF Criminology, the Queen Dragon herself, Dr. Marilyn F. Balares together with her faculty members and active Criminology students who helped in facilitating the whole duration of the competition.

It was a successful event that enriched the stronger relationship of Criminology students despite of their different environment that they have in their respective regions.

July 26, 2019/ Published by:NCF-College of Criminal Justice Education

Project: Resilience

CLASS 2019-01 NAGA COLLEGE FOUNDATION, INC. COLLEGE OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE EDUCATION (TIGERS) A big Congratulations to the Units/People behind the success of this activity.

June 1, 2019/ Published by:NCF-College of Criminal Justice Education

Concur Research Competition 2019"

Concur Research Competition 2019"