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Nursing Affiliations

To enhance capacity of student to be flexible and competent, as partner with different hospitals that are excellent in their services and skills both in the region and beyond.

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Capping, Pinning and Candlelighting Ceremony

CHS program (Nursing and medical Laboratory Science ) provides milestone to students who have satisfactorily completed all the requirements set by the Commission on Higher Education ( CHED ).

This two (2) ceremonial activities encourage both the students and their parents to support health development in hospitals and communities.

For the program of Nursing the Capping, Pinning and Candlelighting ceremony is usually conducted as they enter before 2nd year while the white coat ceremony is held prior to the internship.

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As we encourage students to be compassionate to their patient. The CHS collaborate with government and non-government organization fostering public and private partnership.

This activity is being done annually with the support coming from NCF-CHS and humanitarian organization.