Melo: A Conversational Chatbot Support Using Naive Bayes Algorithm

Researcher: Joseph Manansala, BSCS
Adviser: Fritzgerald Enric T. Imperial


Presented in the research was an artificial intelligence based chatbot support system called Melo. The app served as a 24/7 information dissemination platform for the Naga College Foundation community. Moreover, Melo supports the English language queries and was specifically implemented using the Naive Bayes algorithm for its text classification mechanism. Some significant features of the app were: advanced training of datasets of the chatbot itself, 24/7 information dissemination, live-conversation between the customer and the help desk assistance, if necessary.

NCF iTravel: Vehicle Reservation with Business Analytics

Researchers: Abigail Lizardo and Benjie Mallanes, BSCS
Adviser: Anna Loretta Romulo


NCF iTravel is a web-based and mobile-based vehicle reservation system that was developed to provide innovation to the institution using business analytics. It runs on the Internet to provide a more convenient means of requesting sevice vehicles. With the use of this system, the process of requesting and approval of NCF service vehicles were improved. Reports were easily generated faster and the status of each vehicle's mileage, gas consumption and other important information on its usage can be visualized using graphs and charts.

NCF iTravel promotes paperless transaction. Real-time reports and customized calendars were provided to the manager. The study used descriptive-evaluative methods and applied research methodology with agile software develoment techniques.

E-Fitness Hub Dashboard: Naga College Foundation Tigers Health Hub

Researcher: Louie Gie Volante, BSCS
Adviser: Ronald O. Baldemoro


Fitness Hub Dashboard: Naga College Foundation, Inc. Tiger's Health Hub System is a web and mobile-based application designed and developed to improve the establishments' processing and monitoring system with the use of a dashboard. Employing a business dashboard allows users to visualize the status of the business using metrics and key performance indicators to assist in the business growth. The customers can get all the information about the Tiger's Health Hub including the number of customer's working-out on the gym thru the mobile app. The system has a body mass index (BMI) calculator that will provide the customer the appropriate exercise program based on their BMI results.