The Naga College Foundation offers Basic Educations, Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate degrees in a variety of majors, preparing students for their different careers.
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Courses Offered

Out of the 31 programs being offered by Naga College Foundation, Inc., 14 programs are accredited by the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA).

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Basic Education

The Basic Education Department, with instruction aligned with the K–12 Basic Education Curriculum, commits to equipping the learners with critical thinking by providing meaningful content knowledge and enriching functional literacies, while establishing a conducive learning environment and imbuing significant virtues in the learners—making them ready for a higher course of education.

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Experience the optimized quality and affordable tertiary education as NCF offers the widest horizon of knowledge and most versatile learning experiences, grounded in transforming students into well-rounded leaders, professionals, and researchers of various disciplines across the world, shaped with 21st century competencies that are responsive and relevant to the needs and demands of industries.

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Graduate Studies

Being the center of professional enrichment and lifelong learning, the department of Graduate Studies adheres to the highest quality of education and the requirements of globalization, regional integration, and internationalization of higher education, characterized by research-based curriculum, outcome-based instruction, sustainable linkages, and extensions to develop lifelong learners with breadth of excellence and a strong sense of responsibility in building the nation through research and innovation.

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